Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Loss of My Studio by Hurricane Irene

In July of 2011, I was in the process of moving my studio.  I had stored most of it in my garage.  Unfortunately I had no idea that four weeks later Hurricane Irene was to dump ten inches of rain in a short time.  I had forty-two inches of water running through my garage.  Having not prepared for this I had lost most everything in a matter of hours.  Thirty-five years of sketchbooks, drawings and paintings, frames, canvas, and an extensive art book library. 

Needless to say this was a devastating and traumatic experience.  I have not painted since that dreadful day.  Although I have started drawing some lately, maybe a good sign.

Most of my posts will be from old slides of my work  that I was able to salvage.  Up until now I have not shared much of my work although two years ago I started a website.

Now I feel the importance of having people see what I do.  I've concluded that creative images is who I am.  May way of communicating things that I like and am interested in.


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  1. :"( I can only imagine the pain you felt for the loss of your work. I know how attached artists can be to their work. it's really important in that sense that you share what you do.